Thursday, 29 September 2011

Framing the city _ B1 Presentation

Keyword: Frame
Video work: Framing the city

Fragments of the city

It began with pots and ended in art. A wealthy woman boiling coins. An artist drinking the liquid gold she supplies. A name etched in virtue and good acts. A brush dipped in pastels, oils, and prostitution. Between and betwixt. The total cost: 35,300 euro. 
Every night the red light comes on. The room is never empty. There is a chair in the room. And a bed. Pair of legs, pair of knees and a few words written on the screen. I have never seen his face.  Every night the red light comes on. The room is never empty. There is a chair in the room. And a bed. Pair of legs, pair of knees and few more words written on the screen. 
I love to watch him sleep.

Do you understand the essence of the city in which you live?  
It all appears over night. And disappear in the same quick and unexpected way : A shooting gallery, rows of counters and a huge mass of people.  
This is not by any means a dilettante’s playground. Its inexhaustible energy and vitality. I went there to find something for you. And after a long search I found this inexhaustible theme.

Come here. We will find a better place for us. 
Not there. Move a bit to the left. No, no, right. A bit forward. Stop! 
Yes, that’s it. Now stand. 
We’ll wait for a while and we’ll get where we are.

in silence..on an Autumn morning...

"I want one bio-mechanically engineered ice cream  with the raspberry in the middle and hybrid cream on the sides. "
"Me, I want the one with the raspberries on the top!
…mmmm…how do u call this…it looks a bit like a cheese cake …the raspberries on the top please ehhhh, molim…
"I really like being in Belgrade I just feel so multicultural and global and so multilingual and stuff…Kind of like glocal and liminal at the same time."
"Yeah that’s totally multifaceted…"
"Ohhh look at this chandelier…ohh so royal"
"Lets go up and down"
"It’s so good they have Zara here and Monsoon…but no H&M well it’s ok I guess…I may find something in the second hand market…"
"But they say it’s  full of gypsies…"

I am the participant of unique architectural encounter. 

MEMORY of Papić
The ugliest plate in the world is hanging on his wall. I remember the story he told me.. I can hear the sound of his voice. His desire for what lies beyond the boarder is just as great as his love for his own neighborhood and the streets where he grew up. 
His words are filling up the room. I remember the sound of his voice. Now it’s just an echo, hidden within these walls. 

THE BODY of Papić
His lived experience, his embodied action is a twice behaved behavior. His theoretical theatricality restored my behavior. It's time for me to go home.


Good Night...

Warwick 1a will be presenting a piece inspired by ephemerality. The YouTube link to this video clip will be available tomorrow morning for everyone to watch. In the mean time, dream sweet ephemeral dreams...

Warwick 1a

B1 & B2

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